Someday you will ache like I ache.

It’s not like it’s an uncommon situation, something that never happens, or something that just happens to the others. It’s just you and me, you watched me aching and you did nothing. These feelings, these burning feelings I’ve had for you, they now turned into a painful, an exquisite hate that will not change. The memories of your skin on mine, your smell, your kisses in my neck, your body entering mine, all of this is now disappearing forever to never come back. I have overloved you. Hating you is the only solution I have. I want you to disappear from my memory, I want you to disappear from my life. Indifference is stronger than everything. I will date prettier, older guys while you date teenage sluts and it’ll all be fine. If I can’t make you love me, I’ll make you hate me. 

Posted 1 year ago